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baby forehead thermometer

baby forehead thermometer

baby forehead thermometer baby forehead thermometer
Product name : baby forehead thermometer
Item : HS-111
Details :
Non contact Infrared Thermometer (back light)
1. Operating condition:10.0C-40.0C (50.0F-104.0F),Rh<80%
2. LCD digital display
1.4-in-1 functions (Ear/Forehead/Ambient/Clock)
2.Display screen : LCD digital display
3.Units switching, switches between °C and °F
4.Fast and accurate temperature measurement via human canal
5.Fast and accurate measurement to obtain correct result instantly (about one second)
6.Suitable for both  infants and adults
7.It is durable advanced infrared technology, use the probe head without times limitation.
8.Easy cleaning, just use moist cotton to clean the probe
9.Operate with one button, very simper to use.
10.Every time using, the last temperature would be shown.
11.Green back light, easy to read screen.
12.A different beep sound would be made when a fever happen.
13.Everybody knows fever makes people sick, high fever is even dangerous to life, you should pay attention to your and your families’ body temperature.
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